Freezecakes Have Arrived

The worlds first frozen cheesecake in a tub

Store in your freezer for when you need that instant cheesecake hit

Handmade by our specialist chefs using our indulgent Pleesecake recipes

Available to order now!


The Flavours

Frozen Butterscotch & caramel cheesecake, with double chocolate biscuit, crunchy butterscotch nibs, caramel pockets, topped with caramel chocolate

Frozen chocolate cheesecake, with double chocolate biscuit, chocolate popcorn, chocolate ganache pockets, chocolate shards, topped with more chocolate

Frozen lemon & raspberry cheesecake, with shortbread biscuit, gooey lemon curd, raspberry swirl, topped with white chocolate & freeze dried raspberries

Freezecakes Trio Pack

Freezecakes Trio Pack


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